Leisurely bike tours

Leisurely bike tours

The Etsch cycle way between Bozen and Meran

The cycle way runs along the River Etsch north towards Meran and south towards Bozen. There is no gradient to speak of and the path is suitable for cyclists of all abilities. You pass several small villages between fruit orchards, the river and the railway line. You can leave the cycle path at each individual village.

From Bozen via Eppan and Kaltern to Auer

One of the most beautiful connecting routes towards the Überetsch region is undoubtedly the cycle way on the former railway line from Bozen to Kaltern. From Kaltern you can cycle down to Lake Kaltern on quiet roads and then join the cycle path along the River Etsch valley.

Bicycle tours with the train

South Tyrol rail services offer a number of ways to combine pleasant bike tours with a train trip.
From Meran you can take the train up the Vinschgau Valley then return by bike along the via Claudia Augusta back to Meran.
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