Nals Südtirol

The village Nals

The fruit- and wine-growing village of Nals is situated in the sunny Etschtal Valley, some 14 km from Bozen and around 16 km from the spa town of Meran. The community has some 1,800 inhabitants and extends to a height of around 330 metres above sea level. Its wonderful location and attractive natural surroundings make the village a paradise for walkers, cyclists and foodies alike.

The village

The village is marked by its extensive fruit orchards and vineyards, impressive castles and forts and the long-established stately residences and farms.
The “Nals Margreid” wine cellar offers guided tours followed by wine tastings.


Sirmian, a village above Nals, offers fantastic views over the whole Etschtal Valley and over to the legendary Dolomites.
For foodies, a visit to the traditional guesthouses of Obersirmian with their tasty South Tyrolean dishes is a must.

Fruits and wine

The mild climate and favourable location means that fruit thrives on the flat valley floor. Nals also boasts cypresses, cedars and palms. The production of wine is also very important here, not to mention the growing of juicy apples.
Everywhere can be found flowering gardens and parks that alternate with meadows and vineyards.

Village of roses

Visitors will notice that the gardens of most local houses feature many different types of roses, which flower here from April to the end of October. The village of Nals is thus often also called the “rose village”.
Worth seeing too is the parish church of Nals, dedicated to St Ulrich and one of the most idiosyncratic baroque churches in South Tyrol.
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